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Creating an outdoor small world play table

Creating an outdoor small world play table
April 24, 2015 Peter Samuel

As you may know we sell an outdoor child sized workbench which can be adopted for a number of different uses. The most obvious is to use alongside our mud kitchen as an additional work space for mixing mud, sand, water etc.
You could put it together in an L shape arrangement to create an enclosed cosy outdoor kitchen.

An alternative use is to turn it into a small world play table as discussed below…

Small World Play Table

This is a really simple idea that will keep children captivated for hours (we can testify to this). Key to the idea is a very simple and surprisingly inexpensive product that you can pick up in Homebase for £4.97:

It’s a grow bag tray, but for our purposes it is a container for any number of ‘small worlds’ involving dinosaurs, jungles, diggers, building sites, princesses, paw patrol etc. We’ve put together a few pictures of some of the little worlds we created and they really were very popular (with the adults as well as the children)!

You could position the table up against a wall and have some laminated pictures in the background as inspiration and to give a real life context.

For the price you would assume that it is made from really thin, fragile plastic but we’ve found that it’s actually really strong and durable. It probably won’t last forever but the for £4.97 what does?

Making your small world play table
This particular tray fits perfectly onto our early years outdoor workbench. It has to be said that this is more by luck than judgement as we happened across the grow bag tray after we had made the table! So if you can source one from your local Homebase then you can plonk it on the table and you’re away to go. That said, to ensure it doesn’t eventually slide off the side of the table as the children are playing with it, you may want to screw or nail a few thin strips of wood to the outside edges of the table to keep it in place. You may also want to drill some drainage holes so that you don’t get a build up of stagnant water if you’re leaving it outside. You don’t need to attach the tray to the table. The fact that it can be easily removed is a good thing as it makes it a lot easier to clean up when it’s decided that Adventure Bay needs to be replaced with the Isle of Sodor.

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